High expectations can be bad. Ask my wife…

IMG_0523You ever hear people say, “keep your expectations low and you’ll never be disappointed”.  I’ve always thought that was a pretty simplistic worldview.  One that if abused, would lead to an average existence.  I’ve also heard people say, “keep your expectations high”, “keep pushing”, “never give up”, “your dreams will fail if you let them”, “sleep is for losers” and my personal favorite, “winners win and losers lose”.  On most days, I totally buy into this thought pattern.  However this mindset, when used cavalierly, can be detrimental as well.  The trick is timing and perspective.  Unfortunately, I learned this lesson the hard way.

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Prevent future failures by recognizing patterns. Boss in the middle day 5 prayer challenge. Wrap up.

IMG_0442This is the wrap up for day 5 of my prayer challenge.  I experienced another empowering day.  I was very focused on my tasks.  I was able to leave my daughter alone about her reading program.  (See article here)  One thing to note is that, while I am thankful to have had the sort of week I’ve had, I am hoping tomorrow morning I don’t forget to do this.  I don’t have to go to the office on Saturday’s and I tend to be very laid back on the weekends.  Weekends are usually when I stop working out, dieting and I begin losing overall focus on things, especially bad habits I’m trying to change.  That’s a bad pattern I must deal with, if I want to continue having good results.  Here’s my plan.

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They only had one job…

img_0350Their chain of communication only had one task to accomplish. Get the name of the winner to the people on stage, so it could be read on live television in front of millions of people. I’m sure there were a lot of steps and people utilized to make this happen. Time and energy was spent crafting a plan and it was put into motion. They had completed the task multiple times already, so they should have had a good handle on how to do it. So how’d they mess up?

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How to recover from mistakes.

img_0257You made a mistake. You lost confidence in yourself. Your performance is starting to suffer. People tend to do that from time to time. As a leader I have found that thinking positively, with the right perspective, can help you recover. This is a simple idea, yet hard to do. Here are 5 ways to ensure you think the right thoughts, in the midst of a mistake.

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