Recovering from mistakes – a series. Part 5. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

IMG_0546I wrote an article here about recovering from mistakes. In it, I gave 5 ways to recover from your mistakes. In this series, I will look at each one a little deeper.

1. Accept the mistake.

2. Don’t beat yourself up.

3. Find value.

4. Have a main goal to shift back to.

5. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Today we explore #5- Don’t take yourself too seriously.

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Prayer Life

IMG_0544.PNGMy prayer life is becoming the most important part of my life.  It’s a direct line of contact between myself and the creator of the universe.  He loves me.  I cannot do anything worthwhile without God and I can do anything with God.  No weapons formed against me shall prosper and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  This post speaks to the importance of my prayer life.

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Turning strengths into superpowers.

IMG_0510.PNGI forget that there are many paths in life and I get concerned when others don’t follow my path.  I am especially talking about one of my daughters.  It is becoming very apparent that my strengths are not necessarily hers.

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God’s gift for leaders. Boss in the middle, day 10 prayer challenge.

IMG_0459This is going to be short and sweet.  I prayed this morning, back in my normal spot at home.  It was a very nourishing session of prayer and meditation.  God not only spoke to me, but reminded me about a gift He gave me.

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Being powerful and courageous looks different sometimes. Boss in the middle. Day 5 prayer challenge.

IMG_0440This was the thought God gave me this morning, in the quiet of my closet.  Being powerful and courageous looks different sometimes.  Instead of pushing through to your goals and accomplishing the dreams you have set for your life, no matter what, it could mean letting go and letting God do whatever.  In this case, I have a specific issue.

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Prayer Challenge…

IMG_0422You can do it!  You’ve got to believe in yourself, before anyone else does.  Stay in the game and hunt down your fears, until they can no longer exist in the same space as your dreams.  If you believe in God and lean on him, you’ll have access to true power.  He is the one who will remove stumbling blocks and increase your level of life.  All you need to do is submit to His will.  It’s funny how we all learn this as young Christians, but for some reason, we decided to take our will back.  Then we get mad that we’re not where we want to be or feel like we’re behind in our mission.

We set ourselves up for failure by not following his simple rules for an abundant life.  If you’re off track, start off by praying to God for 10 minutes every morning, before you do anything else.  See how your week goes and then increase to 15 minutes the next week.

Come back here in two weeks and tell me what happened.  I’ll do it to and report the results on my blog.  Let’s call this a “prayer challenge”.

I’m excited!  I’ll let you know how it goes.

You can’t win by accident.

IMG_0415Being a winner is such an “on purpose” thing.  It’s a habit and a mindset.   Winning takes practice, persistence, faith and focus.  It’s not going to happen by accident. There are many people out here working very hard to ensure you don’t have accidental success.

That’s why things worth having are hard to attain.  You don’t accidentally come in first place.  People don’t accidentally complete the project.  Teams don’t accidentally win championships.  These things take concentrated effort and sacrifice.

As a boss in the middle, you have to remember that no one is going to give you anything.  You need to go hard.  You need to go wisely.

You can only trust God 100%, so keep Him first!