Anger & Effort. Boss in the middle. Day 11 prayer challenge.

IMG_0461So today, I woke up and prayed.  I will be honest and tell you that I did it in bed again  and I don’t remember getting a specific word from God.  Maybe He didn’t want to talk to me this morning?  Maybe I should work on getting out of bed and getting in my “war room”?  I did however, decide to focus on two things.  Anger & Effort.

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Sometimes, you need to take a time-out.

IMG_0417During conflicts, a boss in the middle must know when to say “time-out”.  There’s a point when arguing your point (even if you’re right) only works to further aggravate the situation.  There are many other benefits to discontinuing an argument.

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Solve problems by asking the right questions

img_0298As leaders, we need to be in tune with our team in order to solve problems. That means we have to listen. In order to ensure you are listening to the right thing, you need to ask the right questions. Here are three ways to make that happen.

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5 ways to live in harmony after a tough choice – An election special.

img_0217We are often asked to make tough choices. Sometimes this means making a tough choice at home, at work or politically. In the case of the U.S. election, people are being asked to make one very important decision that will shape the future. Our children will be impacted. Our hopes, dreams and aspirations will be in the grasp of a President, who will be powerful enough to broker peace or wage war. It’s serious. In that seriousness, emotions begin to take over rational thought, due to individual conviction and passion surrounding the issues. As humans, our natural tendency is to fight for our “choice”, so how can we think about living in harmony afterwards? Continue reading “5 ways to live in harmony after a tough choice – An election special.”

Embrace a tough environment? Why would you do that?


Ever been in a really tough spot in your career? Have you ever been forced to work in a group where the team argued most of the time? Did you get passed up for that promotion and raise? Is there distrust in the workplace culture? I’m sure we’ve all been in tough environments and our first instinct is to escape. We wish we could fast forward to the end and see how it turns out. Let me tell you a story about tough environments.

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