When is receiving more important than giving?

IMG_0475It’s necessary to provide feedback to everyone on your team.  This team includes; your manager, colleagues on your level and direct reports. This feedback can be good or bad, but it’s a non-negotiable activity for high performing teams.  By creating the proper environment, the hope is, someone will give you feedback as well.  Being a leader means you must hear this feedback and apply it, if necessary.  Continue reading for thoughts on creating an environment where true feedback is received.

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God’s gift for leaders. Boss in the middle, day 10 prayer challenge.

IMG_0459This is going to be short and sweet.  I prayed this morning, back in my normal spot at home.  It was a very nourishing session of prayer and meditation.  God not only spoke to me, but reminded me about a gift He gave me.

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Worrying about other people? Boss in the middle. Day 8 prayer challenge. – Wrap up

IMG_0451I’m not really sure what to say here. Today was a good day. I got a lot of things done and was able to network with some folks, at an event we had for my job. It was actually a pretty easy day. I guess that’s OK. I’m very calm, pretty even keeled.

One thing I noticed today is, I’m not concerned with certain things that used to concern me a great deal. Mostly, I’m talking about other people’s perception of me.

Worrying about other people and how they feel about you can make you more stressed out than you need to be.  It can actually make you physically sick.

You can’t change them anyway.

I noticed this today as someone in my circle was stressing out about something they really didn’t have to worry about.  In the past, I may have joined them in their frustration, but I’m becoming more confident in my own thoughts and emotions.

I’d like to think it’s because I know better.  But, I’m sure it also has a lot to do with the daily prayer challenge.

Have you started yet?

NO EXCUSES. Boss in the middle. Day 8 prayer challenge.

IMG_0448For those of you keeping score, yes, I missed day 7.  I certainly talked to God during the day, it just wasn’t the first thing in the morning.  I’m not going to beat myself up and I’m not going to give any excuses.  I’m back at it today, which is the most important part of failing.  Getting back to it.  I have a lot of reasons I could use to justify missing my time with God, but basically, I need to plan better.  I need to start incorporating extra time into my mornings.  It all starts the night before.

Anyway, today’s prayer time was good.  It was nice and quiet.  The only thing I have to note during my silent time today, is that I feel God’s presence and I believe He will be with me.

I truly have a sense of calm that has been giving me courage in situations where I normally would have fear and anxiety.  It’s like I am constantly living in the reality of God’s power.  A rediscovered persepective.

The issues of this world are so small when compared to the size of God.

It’s an awesome feeling.  I’ll check back in tonight.

Also, I’m getting a lot of cool supporting words of encouragement from some of you, so thank you!

Start your own prayer challenge and let me know how it goes in the comment section of any of my posts.

Being powerful and courageous looks different sometimes. Boss in the middle. Day 5 prayer challenge.

IMG_0440This was the thought God gave me this morning, in the quiet of my closet.  Being powerful and courageous looks different sometimes.  Instead of pushing through to your goals and accomplishing the dreams you have set for your life, no matter what, it could mean letting go and letting God do whatever.  In this case, I have a specific issue.

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Boss in the middle. Day 3 prayer challenge. Honesty – Wrap up.

IMG_0434My 3rd day into the “boss in the middle prayer challenge” was a good day.  The thought God gave me for today was “honesty”.  Sometimes that scares me, because left to my own devices, I can be too honest.  Almost brutally.  Sometimes it scares me because it is much easier to tell a half-truth than the whole-truth.  However, I trusted in God today and something amazing happened.

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Boss in the middle. – Day 2 Prayer Challenge – Wrap up.

IMG_0430Work hard, smart and focused.  That was the result this morning when I prayed to God and sat in silent meditation.  I probably prayed for about 12 minutes or so.  10 minutes go by pretty quick when you are praying/meditating.

15 minutes should come easily next week.  So here’s my report on the day;

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You can’t win by accident.

IMG_0415Being a winner is such an “on purpose” thing.  It’s a habit and a mindset.   Winning takes practice, persistence, faith and focus.  It’s not going to happen by accident. There are many people out here working very hard to ensure you don’t have accidental success.

That’s why things worth having are hard to attain.  You don’t accidentally come in first place.  People don’t accidentally complete the project.  Teams don’t accidentally win championships.  These things take concentrated effort and sacrifice.

As a boss in the middle, you have to remember that no one is going to give you anything.  You need to go hard.  You need to go wisely.

You can only trust God 100%, so keep Him first!