About the blog

This blog is designed to encompass two main ideas.

1. We are all a “boss in the middle”.  If you live on the planet earth and are in your right mind, you are a “boss in the middle”.  Why?  Because you have free will.  You have the freedom to do whatever you want.  You are truly your own boss.  With those choices comes consequences.  This blog is meant to inspire and influence people towards enlightening and righteous goals, so that the consequences are positive.

2. Most people are exactly where their life choices have led them.  As a “boss in the middle” you are a leader.  Some people embrace this mindset and become intentional leaders.  Others don’t even know they’re a “boss in the middle” until it’s too late.  This blog aims to help those that intentionally lead and motivate those who don’t realize that they are already leaders.




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