The best team ever.

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Teams that ask a lot of questions are the best.

Very simply, questions occur when a team is empowered to ask them.  We as leaders must ensure we give our teams the freedom to make decisions.  They may decide that there’s a better way or that the current way isn’t team oriented, etc.  They may choose to question the status quo.  You as a leader should want that.  Not only is it liberating, but it builds confidence in the individuals on that team, ultimately creating a culture that breeds new leaders.

This can only occur in an environment of trust.  And they can only trust us if they believe we have their best interest at heart.  In the business world, that means putting their well-being above profit, which is the definition of servant leadership.  They cannot be afraid to ask questions.

Empowered teams are the best kind of teams because;

  1. They think of others before themselves.
  2. They believe every accident is preventable.
  3. They believe that if they stop work, they will not get in trouble.
  4. They have no fear.
  5. They operate from a position of power, as opposed to a position of weakness.
  6. They change the future, by stopping incidents while they are still near misses.
  7. They ask questions.
  8. They look within before blaming other people for mistakes.
  9. They thrive in a “people first” culture.
  10. They go home the same way they came to work.

Most issues are found because someone saw something and asked a question at the right moment because something wasn’t right.  We don’t just stumble across them.  Conversely, I bet we’ve all seen things occur in our career where after the incident, someone realizes they let something go that they should have questioned.  I’d rather people ask questions every day of the week, than have to explain to a stakeholder why we didn’t meet a goal.

Don’t let that happen.  It’s our job as leaders to empower our people and ensure our folks meet goals.  We need to educate them, empower them, remind them and repeat.

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