Don’t waste your focus.

IMG_0375As a boss in the middle of this crazy world, we are always focused on something. Sometimes it’s exactly what we should focus on, sometimes it’s not. But we are always focused. Basically, we need to focus, on what we focus on. I am purposely saying the word “focus” a lot. It should be a focal point. Read on for my perspective of proper and improper focus.

For each individual this is different, but my “proper focus list” should go something like this;

1. Faith
2. Family
3. Health
4. Work

Some things aren’t that important, but at times they get my full focus. My “improper focus list” goes like this;

1. Money
2. Status
3. Ego
4. Pride
5. Lust

Just some thoughts I wanted to share with you. Do what you will with the information, but remember, every choice has consequences.

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