Before you give up, try this…

DD79AA6C-DF76-4DAA-BA26-2DB794215570You’ve all been there… At the end of your rope with no hope.  Delaying what you feel is inevitable, with futile attempts to stay relevant to your goal.  As you hang in the balance and your mind shifts towards giving up, to save yourself the embarrassment of failure, there’s one more thing you should try…

You’ve got a goal that seems impossible.  It could be an issue at work, with your spouse or children, maybe a neighbor is giving you grief.  There may be a technical problem with a computer or phone that is giving you fits, as you try to send that last message before you board a plane or leave your home.

Or, maybe you have a child who is addicted to drugs or a spouse that can’t stop cheating.  Your child’s grades are getting worse and they’ve begun to hang out with the wrong crowd, despite your best efforts.

You can’t find time to get enough sleep, eat right, exercise, lose weight or quit drinking.  You can’t seem to get that promotion, expand your business, get others to follow you, etc…

You feel like the goal won’t happen, so rather than push through and try to complete it no matter what, you make a conscious choice to give up.  This stinks, for obvious reasons, but as a leader this happens quite often.  There is a moment, however, that comes right before you quit.  A small window in time where you can run through 5 steps that should give you clarity about your choice to “throw in the towel”.  I have personally done this countless times, with very good results.

Try this.

  1. Ask God for the wisdom to determine if the goal is worth the fight. – There are many times we get worried or hung up on completing goals that aren’t ours to complete.  Sometimes, it’s ok to quit.  Maybe your goal is wrong.  Maybe you are wrong.  In the finality of life, does it really matter?  What will you gain in completing this goal?  What could you lose?
  2. If the goal is worth the fight, figure out why it’s so hard. – When quitting is not an option, you need to figure out if you have the wrong approach?  Do you need help?  What’s the real issue?  You can’t solve a problem, if you don’t know what it is.
  3. Make a plan . – Systematically work through the real issues and remove obstacles to success.  Planning is crucial to reaching any goal.  Realistic planning.  Don’t announce to the world that you’re going to become a total raw vegan overnight, if you’ve never tried it before.  Baby steps are ok.
  4. Set your mind to succeed. – You need a certain amount of faith for this one.  If you don’t believe it, you can’t achieve it.  People don’t win by accident.  Setting your mind allows you to continue searching for solutions, in the midst of the struggle.  You can’t find a trap door in the dungeon, if you aren’t looking for it.
  5. Execute. – You’ve got to put faith in action.  Move toward the goal with strong intent and hold yourself accountable.  It’s your goal.  No one is going to be more vested in it’s success than you.  If you feel like giving up, start back at #1 on this list.

Pretty simple, but not easy.  As are most things in life.