What’s it mean to be “woke”?

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Photo by omar alnahi on Pexels.com

I hear a lot of people saying “I’m woke”, but what does it really mean?

I mean, I get what they’re saying. They are enlightened somehow. Smarter than and above others. But would a “woke” person need to tell others they are woke?

It’s condescending at it’s best, dilusionally conceited at its worst.

You’re more “woke” than me? Really?

Why? Because you heard some supposed truth that you thought was so solid, that it explained all of the things other people can’t grasp?

Because it’s easier to go with the crowd than against it?

Most times, I hear people saying this when they are pushing an agenda that attacks religion. Christianity specifically.

They are “woke” and Christians are stupid for believing in Christ and the Bible, etc.

They have somehow cracked the code and believe that science can explain this entire world and it’s mysteries and by extension, the larger universe. Really?

People are only “woke” as long as information stays the same. As soon as people realized the world wasn’t flat, They weren’t as “woke” as they thought. They were really in the dark…

I fear the same thing will happen to those who believe that God does not exist, only it will be too late.

That’s where faith and hope come into play for the Christian. Knowing an invisible God who has moved through our lives in a very visible way, enables us to be reborn.

God has never changed and never will. You need to believe it before you can receive it. To know Him is to be truly be alive, as opposed to just being “woke”.