Is the CEO initiative genuine?

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A few days ago, CEO’s took part in a CEO initiative, aimed at bringing to light social issues in an attempt to attract attention and find solutions.  But I’m wondering if these CEO’s are only taking a stand for human rights, the environment, etc., because their desire is to be viewed positively by the public.  Does acting in this manner give their revenue stream a boost?  I’m certain that it doesn’t hurt.  This makes me question the sincerity of their efforts.

Read the article on the recent CEO initiative, in Fortune magazine found here.

While some people are giving them kudos for their efforts, I feel like it’s a bit premature.  Especially when many companies are behind the times with regard to diversity training.

Starbucks closed their restaurants for a day to have training to fix a problem that the leadership caused, by facilitating a culture that allowed such behavior to be tolerated.

Do you think that was the first time something like that has happened at a Starbucks, or is it the first time the whole nation heard about it? 

When I see these top CEO’s jumping on the bandwagon, I take it with a grain of salt.  I’m thinking of the motive behind the seemingly “tough stance” of these leaders.  It’s free publicity, built around social issues.  All of the sudden, they are more righteous and holier than thou, because no-one has been caught committing a hate crime at their company.

It’s going to take more than a few meetings to fix some of the perceptions in America when it comes to these issues.  It’s going to take continued effort in the area of diversity training and cultural focus.

I’m just not sure if they are only doing this because they fear losing money.  For now, I will reserve full judgment and hope for the best.