We’re always focused on something.


Ever hear people say that you’ve lost focus? I’m sure it’s probably happened to you every now and then. It’s certainly happened to me. It’s part of being human. But saying that we’ve lost focus isn’t exactly right. We’ve just become re-focused onto something else.

For example; This works with many different examples, but I’ll use a common goal of losing weight. If we say we’re going to lose weight, there are several things we need in order to be successful.

  1. A “why”. Maybe we feel bad, have a disease, got invited to a wedding or saw ourselves in the mirror from behind. But there was something that made us want to lose weight.
  2. Education. Most people look online for answers, but we educate ourselves on how to get, what we want. In this example, I’ll save us some time. Weight loss is usually aligned around the next 3 things.
  3. Proper nutrition. This is especially important the older we get.
  4. Exercise. Even low impact stuff like walking everyday helps.
  5. Time. This is the excuse most of us give. I don’t have “time” because of blah blah blah… So as ‘cause and effect’ relationships go, the first 3 things on the list fall by the wayside.

It’s pretty simple to lose weight, but not easy. Mainly because we keep getting refocused onto things that aren’t in line with our goal.

  1. We refocus on current success, forgetting the “why” that got us moving. When we make steps towards our bigger goals we become focused on how we feel or compliments. It feels good.
  2. We ignore the education and refocus on our feelings, because our brains have a tendency to justify certain things with regard to our goal. Then we change our lifestyle.
  3. We refocus our nutrition goals after a little while by saying things like, one bowl of ice cream or one bag of chips won’t hurt. Then that turns into two and three then four, etc.
  4. We refocus on activities outside of exercise by making statements like, I don’t have to work out everyday, I’m too tired or I have other stuff going on.
  5. We refocus our time by saying we don’t have enough, when we’re really not prioritizing properly.

I say all this to say, we have to watch what we focus on, especially if we see ourselves straying from successful patterns. It’s all about our feelings and our ability to justify. When we become refocused onto negative habits, they are hard to break because they feel good.

This is inherently true with any goal we are having trouble reaching.

  1. Spiritual goals.
  2. Relationship goals.
  3. Self-Confidence goals.
  4. Leadership goals.
  5. Financial goals.

The list goes on and on. The most important thing to remember about focus is also the best thing. We control it!

Good or bad, we are where we are because of the choices we’ve made. Even if we were dealt a bad hand early in life that set us back, WE have the ability to make choices everyday, that will lead us out of our current situation. We just need to maintain focus. When we see ourselves getting refocused, don’t give up, just shift back.

Have a blessed day and control what you focus on. If you don’t, your feelings will and you may end up falling short.