The #1 skill for leaders.

E3ACFE0D-A856-409A-B4D3-EFF0E24B646CDo you know the #1 skill leaders must possess, in order to be successful and influence their team?

The ability to listen to the team’s issues, without trying to solve the team’s problems.

This seems counterintuitive.  The leader that doesn’t solve the teams problems isn’t much of a leader right?


The leader who guides his or her team toward the ability to solve the problem within itself, is developing leaders within that group for the future.

By acting as a guide, this type of leader displays a tremendous amount of trust in the team which, by extension, builds their own credibility as a leader.

This skill lays the groundwork for the foundation of a trusting relationship, which is the main ingredient in a culture of high performance and accountability.

Consider these questions:

Will people hear your expectations if they don’t trust your motives?

How can you hold someone accountable if they don’t trust your actions?

How can you lead someone if they don’t trust you?

In order to build trust, start by listening to your team and teaching them to work through problems.  Don’t save the day.  It will empower, inspire and raise your credibility.  Only then, can you be considered a true leader who influences.