Tired of being the leader?

78BA00E8-1727-4189-9FBA-DBE8D3EEC6F3How do we lead when we don’t feel like it?  Do we have to be ready to lead, all the time?  Can’t I take a break?

Let’s face it.  True leadership is tough.  Servant leadership can seem impossible sometimes.  The emotional effort that it takes to continuously influence others toward an expected end and the time spent developing others is draining.  As humans, we all get in moods where we just don’t feel like doing it.  I will offer some ways to counteract that feeling.

  1. Talk to God everyday.  Begin with the end in mind.  Whether it’s in His word or daily prayer time, be sure to set aside time to communicate with God everyday.  His strength alone will carry you through.  But as humans, we tend to take our own will back and forget about God.  This means we may forget to read or pray.  I know I do.  So I’ll give you some more ways to “press on”.
  2. Remember your “why”.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made.  You are here for a purpose.  It goes without saying that everyon’s purpose is different.  Remember your reason for doing whatever you are doing.  God chose you for a reason.  If only you and God know your motivation, then your “why” isn’t big enough.  You should be loud and proud about why you hustle and grind everyday.  People shouldn’t just see you coming, they ought to be waiting for you.
  3. Remember that it’s not about you. You must realize by now that someone is always watching you.  What if the day you decide to “take a break” and not do what you are here to do, someone takes that as justification for their own break?  It might not be today or tomorrow, but if that person takes a break, then someone else sees that and follows suit.  And the cycle continues.  On and on until we have an entire generation of folks “taking breaks”.  Be a cycle breaker, not a break taker.  Move forward simply because someone may be watching you work through a tough issue or hustle when the task seems impossible.  You never know.  That’s why you should never stop grinding.  It’s about more than your desire to “rest”.
  4. Get an accountability partner. – This is huge.  Having a person you trust in your corner, ready to confront you when you aren’t owning it, is priceless.  When you really decide to get honest and tell this person your innermost feelings, you’ll start doing the right thing, just so you won’t have to tell someone you slacked off, again…  And here’s some personal experience.  Make it a person of the same-sex.  Not your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend or someone your trying to impress.  Men should stick with men and women should stick with women.  Period.

It’s important and necessary that we persevere.  There aren’t a lot of true servant leaders in the world, but there are a lot of potential ones.  Let’s work to develop those folks.  Get close to God, remember who you are and why you do what you do and tell somebody so they can check you every once in a while.  Again, it’s important and necessary.  Think about this, if the next generation fails, who’s fault is it?