De-stress by letting go and giving…

0C8B7580-1E80-445D-9F0F-685A379C6170Lately, I’ve been doing some things to reduce stress.  I’d like to share these things with you and also share why I am doing this.

I know that I tend to strive for perfection and at times this pursuit almost kills me.  Literally…  Check out my story here.

Being ever mindful that life is very fickle and short, I have to purposely remind myself that it’s about more than “getting the job done” or “being on time”. It’s about things that are much more important.

The relationship I am forming with Jesus.

Helping others.

My wife’s smile.

My children’s laughter.

Seeing the light bulb turn on when someone learns something.

Watching a child hit a baseball for the first time.

Standing still and looking at the clouds.

Closing your eyes on the beach and listening to the waves.

Going to bed early.


You can pursue perfection but it’s really a losing battle because, no one is perfect.  And you can be sure that while you strive to be perfect, you’ll miss all the things on the list above.  You have to let go in order to truly live a life worth living.

I have really been focused on slowing down and trying to not “sweat the small stuff”.  Trying to focus on pouring my energy into others.  At work this translates into developing others, at home it means creating good memories, even when I am tired or not feeling 100%.

It’s been working.  I am less anxious and feel more powerful, when I live in the truth that my own self-worth isn’t tied to performance metrics, but rather it is tied to God’s love for me and my obedience to His will.  In His love, I can rest assured that if I take everything to Him in prayer and remain humble, I will be closer to perfection than I ever dreamed.  And it won’t look anything like my own version.  Our version cannot compare to God’s vision for our life.  We have to seek Him out, in order to know what that looks like.

That’s a long way of saying, I’m less stressed out when I help others and listen to God’s will for my life.


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  1. I always try to remember that “God’s way is the best way!”
    Using this as my mantra helps me not to feel so stressed. And prayer always helps.

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