Cultural Building Blocks

62bc9771-01f3-466c-94a5-d1170ba58fd7There is one critical building block you need, if you want to build a good culture.

I’d like to remind everyone that we’re always affecting culture, directly and indirectly. People are always watching us. As leaders, if we’re not purposely building up a positive culture, we may be tearing it down by our actions or lack thereof. Don’t be afraid to step up for what’s right. By not stepping up, you may as well be knocking down the building blocks of a good culture.

The cornerstone of any good culture is trust.  Without trust, nothing else will withstand trials and tribulations.  Trust starts with an open heart and an attitude of serving others.  Leave your ego at the door.  Only then will you see the culture swing in the direction you desire.  Leadership is a measure of how effectively one can influence others toward an expected end.  Sure you can force people to “play nice”.  But, you can’t influence anyone into a good sustainable culture, without trust.