Success = character over skill.

D87FF286-1E6F-4F28-800C-AD3816ACF2D1One of the most important things you will do as a leader, is develop core members of your team.  It starts, however, with one major step.

Identification through character as opposed to skill.

Forming a team of key players and aligning them around goals is important. This enables ideas to be flushed through competent folks and earns respect for the leader, as he/she allows the team to grow and share in the success.

Understanding the individual strengths of team members and how those strengths work together in a collaborative effort is paramount to the team’s success.  It is here, where leaders must focus on character as opposed to skill.

The reason is simple, culture is the number one thing every organization should be developing.  Everything else is a product of it.  Skills can be taught much more easily than an attitude of servant leadership.  People that express servant leadership will serve the overall culture better and, as Simon Sinek puts it in his book “Leaders Eat Last”, help create the circle of safety where high performance thrives.

Goal implementation and team development doesn’t happen overnight, but a core group with the right attitude can make the journey worth it!  Make sure you pick folks for the right reasons.

Have you formed your team yet?