Hurt People vs. Free People

4FAC60BF-F6CA-4BA0-9F9A-CC1DF50CD113The pastor at my church said hurt people, hurt people.  But free people, free people.  I began to write down the differences between the two groups and what I found was a pretty big eye-opener, especially as it relates to leadership.

Hurt people have a low sense of self-worth, while free people get their self-worth from God.

Hurt people don’t trust anyone, while free people know they should totally trust God.

Hurt people are focused on their own feelings, while free people are focused on others reality.

Hurt people are often cynics, while free people have faith.

Hurt people blame others, while free people are personally accountable.

Hurt people make excuses, while free people love challenges.

Hurt people wallow in self-pity, while free people seek answers.

Hurt people lie to everyone including themselves, while free people know that truth is a liberating force.

Hurt people are afraid, while free people find courage in God.

Hurt people think they should be able to do it alone, while free people know they can’t.

Hurt people destroy, while free people create and cultivate.

Hurt people, hurt people, while free people, free people.

If you’re going to lead people, make sure you’re freedom is intact, or you may be doing more harm than good.