So I got a lot of feedback yesterday…

ECF92732-2D20-405A-90E9-2830D790AC66So I got some feedback on my post yesterday, about being in service to others.  Not so much in comments on WordPress, but in my personal relationships.  Today, I will clarify.

Yes, folks.  It’s ok to rest.  It’s absolutely ok to take a break and recharge.  You can’t be everything for everyone, all the time.

Being in service to others doesn’t mean always saying “yes”.  It means using discernment and discretion in everything you do, as you look for opportunities to uplift others.  Once people realize you are the “giving type”, it’s very possible that they will take advantage of you.  You can’t let that happen.  You can actually cripple others to the point where you become their crutch.

Yes, I spoke yesterday about being in service to others and I offered some ways to get past the frustrating and emotionally draining thought that, “everybody wants something from me”.

By no means does that mean become a slave to others.

In short, it’s ok to recharge, reflect and take some personal down time.  The downtime is what allows you to be at your very best, when you jump back into the game of helping others.

When the going gets tough and everyone begins tugging on you, don’t forget that you are working for the ultimate good of others and that they need you.  That’s where yesterday’s article comes in handy.  Check it out here.