When you feel like everyone wants something from you.

4635259E-A61B-415A-BA6E-8D531D0258E2As a leader, you will have times where everyone wants something from you.  It will seem like the questions never end, the requests get bigger and the time required to respond to these needs takes away from your “personal time”.  You may say to your self, “I can’t get a break” or “I need some time alone” or “I just want to do what I want to do”.  The truth is, the more you are entrusted with leadership duties, the more you will be called on by others to fulfill their needs.  There is, however, a way to do this without losing your mind.

You have to get outside of yourself and realize that your purpose as a leader is not to serve yourself, but to serve others.  When you truly submit to that truth, serving others will become your standard way of life.  It takes a while to get their, as it’s easier said than done…

It takes real courage to lay all of your personal feelings, wants and desires to the side and make the decision that your life will serve others and not yourself.  It’s a total sacrifice and honestly, it’s one sure way to deal with all the never-ending requests, without going crazy.

When you know that what you do will help uplift and raise others to new levels, you will find the strength to get through the obstacles.  It’s a God written purpose.  It’s a gift to ultimately find yourself in this position.  Once you let go of selfish desires you will find yourself doing some pretty amazing things.

You will have a sense of peace that comes over you, mainly due to the fact that you won’t be fighting for your glory.  You gladly give away all praise so that it may serve others.  It’s very liberating.

Think of a Mom who’s given a compliment for well behaved children, only to turn the compliment onto the children in their presence.  How powerul and meaningful is that, compared to her just saying thanks?

Think of a boss who’s given praise for their unit’s performance, only to highlight the one’s truly responsible.  In essence, giving them a platform for their own future success.

You won’t truly be a servant leader, until you remove all personal significance and gain and replace it with an undying passion for developing and promoting other people.  It totally frees you from selfish desires.  Those times you wish for a “break” or “alone time”, will be replaced with a love for giving.  You will fly through those never-ending requests with passion, because you know it is helping someone get further than they would have without you.

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