Affecting Mindset

IMG_0465Everyone has an internal mindset.  Some people are positive and some are negative. Some live from a position of fear, while others exist in a state of constant power.  A question leaders often ask is, “How do I transform a person or group’s mindset, into one that can be beneficial to the desired result?  In other words, how do I motivate and influence others toward an expected end?

Alignment around goals – The first step will always be to figure out what the end result looks like and agreeing to it.  This gives you a solid baseline.  It also provides buy-in.

Identify gaps – You’ve got to understand where the issues are. What’s stopping you from reaching the agreed upon goals and what will solve those issues?

Fill the gaps – Put your solutions into action. It’s as simple as that.

Follow up. – Make sure the team is reaching for and hitting the mark.  Accountability is huge.  Make sure people know the goals and agree to them.  It is within that environment that true accountability can take place.

Approaching goals like this empowers the team and puts them in a powerful posture.  The group will work harder to achieve the results if they had a part in the development of the goals.  That’s one way to affect mindset.

How do you affect mindset?

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  1. Great point abiut aligning goals. I am a sales leader and my number 1 job is to make sure my team is focused on the team goal. Every week I hold my team accountable to metrics that are all rolled up to the teams goals.

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