The desire for ‘more’ is relative.

IMG_0605I have good news for people who want more.  You have the ability to make ‘right now’ your moment.  Step one, go get a mirror.  Step two, ask yourself the following questions.  You’re going to find out some interesting things.

Look in the mirror and asked yourself, who are you?

Don’t answer this question with titles, accomplishments, assets and other ‘things’.  Ask yourself who you are?  Who are you at your core? What do you value? What makes you happy? What guides you?

If you answer this question honestly, you’ll learn some interesting things about yourself.

Now ask yourself, who do you want to be?  

Answering this question honestly in the same manner will allow you to discover the difference between who you are and who you want to be.  It’s not about ‘stuff’ or ‘accomplishments’, but about who you want to be on the inside.

Now, ask God who He says you are?

Finally, Ask God who He wants you to be?

You cannot truly expect to ‘get more’, without the answers to these questions.  The reason is simple.  God will not bless anything done out of selfish desires.

There are those on this planet who do realize gain through evil ventures and unrighteous endeavors.  They love worldy pleasures more than God’s gifts.  And while they seem happy for the moment, they ultimately will not have ‘more’, as it relates to the eternal promise of God.

This life is short term, in comparison to eternity.  If you want ‘more’ and run through the exercise above, it should lead to a realization of eternity, as opposed to short-term success.

The best way to ‘get more’ is to align your thoughts with how God thinks of you and develop pure motives from that center.

Things done in God’s will are going to be blessed by Him.  Good luck with anything else…