3 ways ‘haters’ can help you.


Jesus has haters.  From before he was born, all the way to now, his haters are all around us.  He reminds us that while living for him, we will experience this fate as well.  Seems like a shame, but there is value in understanding that not everyone is going to like you.  Read on for three specific things haters can do for you. You’re gonna have haters.  It’s a fact of life.

Understanding that is pretty empowering.  It specifically does a few things for you.

Identification –  It’s great, when you know who doesn’t like you.  It puts people in a position where you’re able to compartmentalize them.  Put them on a shelf and use them when necessary.  The term “use them” may sound harsh, but think of it this way.  You may have to work with someone and rely on their expertise for a particular thing, but they still don’t like you.  Get it.

Prudence – The other thing this knowledge does, is give clarity about who you should spend energy on.  Sometimes your job is to only plant the seed.  Get in and get out.  Energy and time are some of your most valuable resources, isn’t it nice to know that you don’t have to deal with everybody for extended periods of time?

Builds mettle – Toughness.  God gave you a gift.  It doesn’t matter what any person says about your gift, God ultimately gave it to YOU.  Don’t let the thoughts of others make you crawl into a shell or hide out and not use this gift. You will learn to be tough.  You will learn to continue on in the face of adversity.  You’ll build a thick outer skin that will be very useful later in life, as you continue to grow and have people come against you.

The simple truth is, you must recognize that haters exist and you probably can’t change or convince them.  Whatever happened in their life to make them that way, isn’t your responsibility.  It’s between them and God.  Pray for them and stay on your path.

Sometimes it’s good to take the criticism that they will give, because it will make you better. But don’t let them stop you from doing what God has for you to do.  Think about who you ultimately have to answer to…

You’re more powerful than you realize, especially when you lean on God.