Judging others.

IMG_4363When you judge someone, it says more about you than it does the other person.  It also damages something that is almost irreparable.

It screams of insecurity and self-doubt.  You’re literally on the verge of becoming a hater.  Learn to take care of your own life instead of bringing others down.  People will not trust you and will always be leery of you.

If you judge others, you will never gain true influence and by extension, you will never lead anyone worth leading.  No one will respect you.

In other words, if you become a leader by tearing others down with judgemetal platitudes, the only types of people that will follow you are those that believe in that type of cowardice.

Instead of judging, try helping others.  Remember, servant leadership?

Be your own person and stand on your truth.  People will notice because they are always watching.