3 simple ways to discover your purpose.

IMG_0594Many of us get fooled into thinking that our purpose has to be “earth shattering”. We have often psyched ourselves out of finding our purpose, because we associate it with a major task.  Finding our purpose means that now, we have to work hard.  Some people do a lot of soul-searching, questions, countless nights, introspective observation and back-breaking labor to crack the surface of who they are and more importantly, where they are going.  It doesn’t have to be that deep or hard and I offer 3 ways to find our your purpose.

  1. We must be in tune with God. – Our creator made us and he surely knows why. If you bake a cake, you know why right?  Form a relationship with Him.  His will will help guide you toward righteous endeavors.
  2. We must be in tune with our strengths.  – What are you good at, without exerting much effort?  What do you like?  Where is your true passion?  What would you do all day long, if money wasn’t an object?  Answer these questions honestly.
  3. We must join God’s will to our strengths. – It’s great to know your strengths, but until you marry these to God’s will, you won’t be living in your true purpose.

People are meant to do many different things, based on the parameters above.  The world is filled with all kinds of amazing talents.  The best part about this is that God measures our worth based on our ability to live in His will, not based on how the world measures your talent.  Look at the disparity between athletes and teachers.  Which profession makes more money?  Which profession is more important?  To God, if people use their platform to further His kingdom, they are equally important, no matter how much money they earn on this planet.

In other words, everybody isn’t meant to be rich and famous.  God doesn’t care about that.  God cares about our eternal purpose.  In the future, when we look back on this earthly life, it will be like a dark and distant memory.  We will be living in the light of Jesus.  Don’t worry about worldly wealth and possessions, spend your time pleasing God and helping others understand the truth.