Haters vs. Leaders – Part 3 – Learn from haters.

IMG_0583Real simple today… Haters are gonna hate and leaders are gonna lead. Some people can’t stand to see you do well. They’ll support you all the way until you get to a certain point, then as soon as it’s clear that your vision surpasses their’s, they switch up on you. Going from supporter to heckler. This series offers what leaders can do to deal with this situation.  Today we deal with part 3 – learn from the hater.

Part 3 – Sometimes a hater may have a point, but use the information to help you solve problems. For example, maybe you won’t be able to lose 100 lbs. because you don’t know how to work out. Say “thanks for the feedback” and use it to your advantage. Become resourceful and learn how to work out.

Don’t let the hater steal your joy! The worst thing you can do is succumb to the negativity. Instead, recognize the hater as fuel to keep going. I’ve even heard people say “I love my haters”. Your success will be louder than their wailing. And success should be measured in the journey, not the destination. In other words, at least you’re trying.

Which segways nicely into the final part of our series on haters.  Maintaining the momentum.