Haters vs. Leaders Part 2 – Ignoring the hater.

IMG_0583Real simple today… Haters are gonna hate and leaders are gonna lead. Some people can’t stand to see you do well. They’ll support you all the way until you get to a certain point, then as soon as it’s clear that your vision surpasses their’s, they switch up on you. Going from supporter to heckler. This series offers what leaders can do to deal with this situation.  Today we explore part 2, ignoring the hater.

Part 2. Ignoring the hater. – This is a universal law. Everyone doing something good has haters. Jesus, who was perfect, had haters. Every president, has haters. Every leader in an organization Or business owner has hater. If everyone stopped living their dreams because someone disagreed, where would the world be today?

Don’t think for a minute that everyone will support you, especially when you are living your dreams. It’ll show through your smile, your confidence and the general way you carry yourself. Yes, people will hate you for being happy!

They’ll try to pull you down from your cloud. Ignore the hate and listen to the information. Take what’s true and use it, but keep your feelings out of it.

This will take us to part 3 tomorrow.  Learn from the hater.