Haters vs. Leaders. Part 1 – “Identification please”

IMG_0583Real simple today…  Haters are gonna hate and leaders are gonna lead.  Some people can’t stand to see you do well.  They’ll support you all the way until you get to a certain point, then as soon as it’s clear that your vision surpasses their’s, they switch up on you.  Going from supporter to heckler.  This series offers what leaders can do to deal with this situation.  Let’s start with part 1, identifying the hater.

Part 1. Identify the hater. – When you feel hate it can be for various reasons.  Maybe you are doing something they want to do.  Like have a healthy relationship, get closer to God, go to college, lose weight, start a business, purchase a home, get a new job, change careers, start a blog, etc…  The good news is that haters are easy to identify.  These are “friends” or “associates” who like you as long as you stay in your place.  When you want to improve yourself, they begin to say things that question rather than support your goal.  Most times, it’s passive aggressive, because haters live from a position of fear and anger.  They fear setting goals and they are angry at themselves for not being brave enough to try something new.  They lash out at others who are attempting to do well, so they can feel better about their own failures.

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow…  Ignoring the hater.