Use energy to change problems, not perception.

IMG_0465When things go wrong, some people spend more time and energy pointing fingers and deflecting blame away from themselves, in an attempt to change the perception of others.  In reality, that energy is better spent solving the problem.  Even if it means pointing the finger at yourself.

I don’t think it’s a good position to be in when you care so much about your status, reputation, job, career or this world, that you will spend energy on trying to make yourself look good.  Instead, use that energy to be good.

It’s easier to find acceptance in the situation as-is, as opposed to trying to change the perception of others.  The energy you spend learning your craft, preparing yourself and paying attention to the details will pay very high dividends.  Energy spent changing the perceptions of others is often a fruitless effort.  You never know if it “worked”.

People are going to think what they want.  You really have no control over that.

You are better off just fixing the problem.  People’s perception will be changed by results, not talking points.

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