Things “successful” people sometimes forget to tell you.

IMG_0578The simple truth is, you can’t have it, just because you want it.  You’ll hear a lot of people say, “you can have it, if you want it”.  If you believe it, you can achieve it. That’s why motivational speakers do so well because people that listen to them are searching for anything to latch onto.  Anything but the truth.

While it is true that you are what you think and before you are great, you have to believe you are great.  But, I would submit something that successful people sometimes leave out of the equation.  You have to act within your strength zone, as it relates to your God given purpose, in order to reach “true” success.

You can’t have it just because you want it.

Strengths – Your true strengths are undeniable.  I personally believe that everyone has the ability to become a superhero with regard to their personal strengths.  Your “strength zone” is the group of things you do well, without thinking about.  Sometimes this is something that can make you a lot of money.  Sometimes it’s something that can satisfy another need, like helping others.  Success is different for everyone.

Purpose – Your true purpose is unmistakable. This is gifted to you from God. Sometimes in order to find it, one must go into a deep meditation and prayer.   You have to be open to what God reveals to you.  Your purpose almost certainly is not about you and for some, that’s a tough pill to swallow.  It requires a humbling of oneself in order to be used by God.

Action – The willingness to bring strengths and purpose to life. – It’s great if you know your strengths and purpose, but without “movement”, the knowledge is wasted.  In fact, it becomes very painful to know ones strength and purpose, as they remaining unwilling to do anything to change their current circumstances.  I heard this somewhere and I often repeat it, God will help you move mountains, but you need to bring a shovel.

The world’s idea of success is very different than success in God’s eyes. The desired goal needs to match up with your divine purpose and your strengths.  It must then be moved into existence.

Some people may push towards things that are outside of the above described parameters and while they may attain some level of success, they are not fulfilling God’s will for their life and the lives of those around them.  That’s why you sometimes hear about rich people feeling “unfulfilled”.

Some people may push towards things they aren’t fit for, which in the worst case scenario, they’ll end up failing over and over, chasing a dream that shouldn’t have been born.  A dream that becomes a nightmare.

You can’t have it, just because you want it.

Some “motivational speakers”, irresponsibly place false hopes in the minds of those searching for answers, by promising results to those who truly “want it”.  It’s a sexy message for a vulnerable person, desperately searching for answers.  And if you fail they just say, “you didn’t try hard enough”.

Does that make sense if you were attempting to reach a goal that you aren’t built to reach?