Took a little break from blogging…

IMG_0570I took a break from blogging…  I find that time away from something, especially things I’m passionate about is a good thing.  It gave me time to re-establish my purpose.

The time off was much needed.  I didn’t even realize it, but I was in a rut.  I needed a little time to rest from coming up with topics and focus points.  A little break from checking the stats of my “blog views” and “likes”.  Waiting for comments, etc…

I didn’t even read anyone else’s blog.  I didn’t read much other than work emails.

Blogging for me is very much a work in progress.  I guess it is for most of us.  I am obviously not a professional writer and I’m still trying to find my “voice”.  My style changes and I am very sporadic.  At times I write everyday, at times I write once or twice a week.

I have followers and some seem more dedicated to reading the blog than others.  That’s perfectly fine too.  I understand that it has to be interesting and compelling enough to bring people back.  It’s funny, when I think I have a really good article and hardly anyone reads it.  Then, when I write personal stuff like “trying vegan” or “weight loss and health”, I get a lot of feedback.  If I was trying to get a quick audience, I would stick to that arena, but I’m not.

I am enjoying the slow journey that’s dedicated to this concept of being a “boss in the middle”.  A leadership blog that I started because I have a lot of experience on the subject and conversely, I have a lot to learn.  I also wanted to leave something for my children to understand my thoughts during this phase of my life.  Ultimately, my goal is to help people.  If my experience helps people gain insight while on their personal journey of leadership, then it’s all worth it.

I’m right in the middle of my own growth and development.  I feel like God is preparing me for something bigger and I need to stay focused, conscious and relevant.  I’m not sure where all this will lead but I’m thankful for the journey and this outlet.

I also am thankful to you, whoever you are, as you take time out to read these articles.