Not vegan anymore…

IMG_4013So that’s it. I tried it for two weeks and had good results, but decided to go back to a more balanced diet, that includes meat and dairy products.  There are however, some lessons I learned along the way.

Vegan Trial Lessons

  1. I don’t need meat.  I know for a fact now that I can live without meat.  I actually didn’t think that was possible. But not only did I live, I feel like I thrived.  I lost a little bit of weight, I felt like I had more energy and found a lot of cool alternatives to meat.
  2. If you’re truly trying to go vegan, you still have to watch calories.  Some of the alternatives are probably as bad as regular food. There’s a lot of processed food alternatives that I would consider good tasting and plant-based, but not necessarily good for you. Vegetarian chicken nuggets and vegetarian chicken patties are an example of this. While they are probably better than their “processed meat” cousins, beans are probably always going to be a better source of protein, as they don’t have breading on them.
  3. Sometimes, it’s hard to find alternatives.  This is especially true during travel. At one point I ate a lettuce, tomato, cucumber and onion sandwich!  It was surprisingly satisfying.  This is something I would’ve never chosen if I was eating meat. I was forced to look for different options on menus. As I go back to eating meat, I realize that I can eat healthy options on menus and still be satisfied.
  4. I was very limited on dessert options.   The funny thing is, I didn’t really crave dessert either. Not exactly sure why. I decided to eat a lot of fruit like grapes, strawberries and pineapples etc.  It was all very good.  Sometimes I would eat rice chex, vanilla soy milk and sugar as well, to satisfy my sweet tooth.
  5. Soy milk isn’t bad. The vanilla flavored Silk milk tastes pretty good.  As I stated before, I used it over rice chex.   It’s also supposed to be a pretty good source of protein.
  6. I don’t think I had a “protein” issue.   I only say that because I didn’t feel weak, but I also didn’t work out. That’s the one thing I missed on this trial, due to my knee issue. I found out that I have cartilage damage. I have been resting it for about five weeks now.  I am slowly getting back into riding and exercising.

All in all, if I had to become a vegan I could do it. However, I’m not at that point where I am forced to be a vegan.  In order to retain the ability to choose, I have to make conscious choices. Even though I’m eating meat again, I don’t think I’m going to eat meat at every meal.  I think I’m going to reduce the quantity and type.

Keeping my diet pretty clean on a consistent basis will allow me to consume every type of food I like, in limited quantities.

So that’s it. I am curious about other peoples thoughts on this.  Please comment.  Thanks for reading!