Why do leaders struggle with this?

IMG_0564What is free, available to all, and immeasurably valuable, yet used improperly by some leaders?

Time.  It can be both good and bad, depending on your perspective.  Something that we take for granted.  We think there will always be a tomorrow and this is a very serious error.  We know that in life anything can happen at any moment, yet, leaders still struggle to make effective use of time.

So why does this happen?  It’s different for everybody.  It could be procrastination, laziness, fear, unwillingness, etc.  Most of all, we let these things impeded us from “getting to work” because we think, “we have plenty of time”.

The reality is, time does not belong to you.  Sure, it’s available, but you don’t know how much of it you have.  Which means you must not put off things until “tomorrow” or “later”.  If you feel like God has something for you to do in your life, you need to do it TODAY.

This could mean many things;

  1. Forgiving someone.
  2. Forgiving yourself.
  3. Dropping a bad habit.
  4. Obtaining a good habit.
  5. Reconciling with an old acquaintance.
  6. Starting a business.
  7. Starting a ministry.
  8. Starting a project.
  9. Building your team.
  10. Teaching others.

Only you know what it means for you.  We all need to get in a right relationship with God, understand His truth for our life and spend the rest of our “time” accomplishing it.  One thought that will help this is the fact that;

In eternity, this life is eventually going to be a dull memory.  The things of this world are not what we should be chasing after.  We should be chasing after the true eternal truth and destiny of our soul.  As leaders, being in tune with this automatically puts us in tune with the true meaning for our lives.  Once you gain this wisdom, it will be very difficult living a life contrary to what God desires of you.  You will feel the tug of God, always pulling you back to Him, as he chases you down.

Use time wisely and teach others to do the same.

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