Words Matter

IMG_3983You see it everyday in the media.  It’s very apparent, maybe today more then ever, that words matter.  This lesson is learned very young in life and extends into adulthood.  It’s become such a normal part of life to hear negative words, that we often tell people to “have a thick skin” and “just ignore it”.  Even positive words can be dangerous.  That’s when we caution people with phrases like, “don’t get a big head” or “that person only wants one thing from you”.  Having said that, people should develop within themselves a certain level of spiritual fortitude, where they draw their value from God and not man.  But that’s not all we should do regarding positive and negative words.  Read on for some ways leaders can use words more effectively.

Words must be used very consciously and precisely. 

  1. Use words to build people up, not tear them down.
  2. Use words to encourage, not to discourage.
  3. Use words to promote unity, instead of divisiveness.
  4. Use words to instill power and hope, instead of fear.
  5. Use words to ask the right questions, instead of blurting out emotional garbage.
  6. And probable most importantly, use words to spread love to all, instead of hate to those you oppose.

Bonus use of words for leaders:

Leaders use words to identify broken spirits.  The reality is, some people won’t get this lesson and will continue to use words as weapons.  When you hear this type of speech coming from someone, know that you should pray for this person’s peace.  Pray that they will form a relationship with God so they can spread His love, instead of their own agenda.

Make a choice today to use words in a positive way.  You never know who’s listening.