An honesty lesson for true leaders.

IMG_0554It feels good to tell the truth about myself.  I’m always liberated by it.  The lesson today is easy.

Being honest with yourself leads to self-leadership.

It’s one of those simple concepts that are hard to do.  Like, skydiving.  It’s simple, jump and pull the cord.  Don’t wait too long, bend your legs, hit the ground, do the roll, done.  Or something like that…  I’m sure there’s more to it, but probably not that much.  I’m sure I could learn the basics in a short time.  However, skydiving can be very hard to actually do because of things like; the possibility of death, fear, anxiety, common sense, etc.  Being honest with myself is sort of like that.

Honesty with myself is simple, just tell the truth.  It takes practice to get comfortable with it.  I naturally want to believe I am right all the time and that I have it all figured out.  Truth is, I don’t.  At times, I can be so consumed with my image, ego and pride and other people’s perception of that image, that I will lie in order to protect it.  How many times have I justified things to myself, knowing in the back of my mind that it’s a lie?  Being truthful often leads to the realization that “I need help”.  Acknowledging this allows me to “lead myself” to the next best step.  Usually that involves talking to God.

Honesty with myself can be hard.  It’s scary to tell myself that I am afraid to say something against the popular opinion, because I want everyone to like me.  Or, I don’t want to speak up in a room full of people, because I don’t want to sound dumb.  Or, sometimes I do speak up and offer a different opinion, just to be noticed.  It’s hard to admit these types of things to myself.  The problem is, if I don’t, there is almost no chance I will get the help I need to overcome whatever obstacle I’m dealing with.

Learning to be honest with myself not only has the potential to free me from unnecessary pain, but it makes me vulnerable to others that are close to me.  I have learned that people want to help me.  I am getting better, but at times, it takes a minute for me to get totally honest.

When I delay honesty with myself, I delay my own peace.  The bottom line is, I am human and I have flaws.  I am going to continue exposing and learning about my defects of character, until the day I die.  What’s the point in hiding them?  They are still going to be there.  Better to get them out in the open by taking a deep look at myself.  At least this way I can lead myself to a better, more fulfilling future.  Maybe I can help someone else too.

My wife accuses me of being too honest sometimes.  I have learned that it’s a gift.  Not everyone can say they have honestly looked at themselves and exposed the demons inside.  After all, how can you fight an enemy you can’t see?

Being honest with yourself leads to self-leadership.