Doing nothing, when nothing is required.

IMG_0516Everyone responds to fear, but it’s how you respond that makes the difference for a great leader.  Sometimes, we’re not supposed to do anything, but that can be tough.  Especially when we’re scared.

Let’s focus on two main areas, things that are and things that might be.

Real Fear – You walk outside of your front door for a brisk walk.  Suddenly out of nowhere, you hear the unmistakable sound of a roaring lion.  As you turn around, you notice two very large cats running towards you.  I know the Bible says, “Fear not”, but most of us won’t be thinking about that.  99.9% of humans will be in the grip of total fear at that moment.  They will run or fight.  There’s not even time to process where the lions came from and it doesn’t really matter.  It’s real, right now.

Perceived Fear – These are usually born in our head.  Let’s call them internal fears.  They don’t like me.  My 10 year old won’t go to college because she doesn’t like to read.  The doctor is going to give me bad news.  They don’t respect me.  My idea is never going to work, etc. This rabbit hole never ends.  Our minds web intricate details into the unknown fabric of the future.

That does three things;

  1. It causes unnecessary stress in our lives.
  2. We become blinded to enriching action steps that can create a positive outcome, because we’re focused on the fear.
  3. We forget that God is in control and that nothing happens outside of His purview.

I submit that instead of trying to manipulate and control the outcome, based on perceived fears, we should do nothing.  Especially when we cannot control things, like other people’s thoughts and reactions.

3 points to remember.

Leader need to react properly when there are real issues and know when to do nothing, when nothing is required.

Not responding is a response and a prudent one.  Especially when our perception begins to shape our actions in a negative way…  Let go and let God.

If leaders don’t learn these skills, they will never fully develop their potential and by extension, those they lead will suffer.