Meetings Matter.

IMG_3487.PNGHave you ever been in a boring meeting?  Have you ever run one?  One where people were struggling to stay awake?  Maybe you’ve pretended to receive a call just so you could go in the hallway and breath?  There are certain things needed to make a meeting successful.

I loathe meetings.  Especially ones where I am sitting for long periods of time.  I lose focus, especially on long winded people.  As a leader I need to be conscious of my appearance in these meetings.  My body language conveys certain messages.

I also need to make sure that when I run meetings they;

1. Start on time. – You want to start off on the right foot.  Starting on time sets the tone.

2. Have an agenda with established deliverables. – It’s good for people to physically visualize the itinerary.  Keep it simple.

3. Stay on topic. – Don’t get caught up in talking about vacations or the latest news story.  This interaction, when limited, can be critical to team building.  Too much can be a hinderance to solving issues.

4. Remove distractions. – Just like the movies, silence cell phones.  In fact, if the meeting is critical, you can have your team place them in an e-box at the beginning of the meeting.  You need an engaged team.

5. Finish on time. – People have stuff to do.

It’s not rocket science.  It’s a way to ensure leaders don’t waste the most precious resource.


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