Taking it down.

IMG_0453Here’s how I get some of the most refreshing sleep ever.

When I get ready for bed I purposely slow my mind down.  I relax, letting go of the day and all of its interruptions.  I’m a fan of slow jazz or any of those zen, meditation, massage therapy playlists on Apple Music.

As the sounds reach my ear, my taste buds experience the warm Sweet Dreams tea from bigelow, as I slowly sip from my oversized mug.

This works best in my bed with the extra big pillows propping me up at a 45 degree angle.  I’m up just enough to sip comfortably and back far enough to enjoy the soothing lavender emanating from the diffuser.

I stretch and feel every part of my body and ensure that each member is whole and ready to go to sleep.

Eventually a calm overtakes my soul, as I talk to God like He’s my best friend.

Then I slowly drift off to some of the most refreshing sleep ever.

Yup, that’s how this boss in the middle takes it down sometimes.

I suggest it for everyone.