5 C’s of Leadership

IMG_0498Here’s a list of 5 things that start with the letter “C”, that will help ensure leaders lead well.

Communication – It’s at the very root of everything.  Positive or negative communication can build strong alliances or destroy growth and prosperity.  It’s up to the leader to ensure that the communication is clear and distributed with input from all stakeholders.  This leads to the second “C”.

Collaboration – You can’t build a bridge on an island.  Leaders need help.  Leaders need people.  In order to gain that, leaders need to develop relationships and earn trust.  Once trust is earned, leaders move from a “title” to a “trusted colleague”.  One of the best ways to build trust and buy-in from the team is to remain a servant and maintain the next “C”.

Consistency – Without this, your leadership and every goal planted by you will wither and die.  When there is no consistency, there is no basis for moral codes or ethics.  If leaders decide subjectively when to discipline or who to put in charge it will undermine the next “C”.

Culture – This is quickly becoming one of the strongest drivers of successful organizations.  Strong cultures aligned around goals that matter to the company are almost unbreakable.  These types of environements have individuals working together that hold one another accountable to a high standard of performance.  Every person has the right to hold every other person accountable for results.  This can only happen when a leader empowers employees with the final “C”.

Courage – Not only must the leader be courageous, they must instill that courage into the people they lead. Without this dynamic, leaders can’t develop other leaders.  People have to be strong enough to question the status quo and leaders must be strong enough to field those challenges.


Only together “with the team”, will a leader be able to effectively lead.


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