Why are they making more money than me?

IMG_0493Ever had a situation where you felt like someone who didn’t deserve it, was making more money than you?  I have experienced this and learned some valuable leadership lessons along the way.

First of all…

  • Don’t ever worry about what someone else makes. – It does you no good to worry about this and only works to remove your focus on your current task.  You will be a worse employee (disgruntled) and will lose your effectiveness and influence.
  • Work hard and do your job to the best of your ability.  – Good things will happen.  Never say “I deserve more”, due to someone else’s salary.  You want a promotion/raise based on your merits alone, not because of a systemic issue.

Remember, salaries are based on numerous factors…

  • Experience and time in a position are the main factors.
  • Geographic Location.
  • Amount of responsibility and duties may not necessarily be major factors in a person’s salary immediately.  This is especially true in younger workers (40’s), who may have direct reports earning more than they do. This is true even at management levels. Managers managing supervisors who earn more.  Most often, the added responsibility comes before the money and promotion.  This is done to purposely create a growth opportunity for the younger employee.
  • Older workers may have peaked and are just accumulating time in a position. i.e. (35 year employee working as a supervisor).  It can be hard to justify a higher salary for a 6 year employee with more potential who becomes their manager.

It may be fair…

  • Paying dues and proving oneself are real things. – What makes you think you don’t have to go through this process?  Higher salaries don’t happen overnight.
  • Try to be realistic when thinking about your salary.  Think about your life and the level you are living at. Are you ok? Are you able to provide for your family? Are you living in squalor?  If not, chances are you want more, but don’t need more.  Try and figure out why?  Then you can move forward with a clear head.

You are in control…

  • If you feel like your salary isn’t high enough or if you value your contribution more than the company does, figure out what you’re not doing and start doing it.
    ▪ Get recognized.
    ▪ Educate yourself.
    ▪ Go above and beyond.
  • Tell your supervisor / manager and you both can work toward a solution.
  • Find a new job if you perceive that better opportunities are out there.
    ▪ Do not ever leave a job solely based on money.
    ▪ Culture and benefits become more important, the older you get.

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