Don’t let them darken you.

IMG_0480You’re going to meet a lot of strange insecure people in this world.  Some people are so threatened by you, that your very presence makes them uncomfortable. Some people are so jealous of you, that they won’t let you shine in their presence.  They secretly want what you have.  Some people will make every attempt to belittle your accomplishments and not acknowledge your victories.  Even to the extent of character defamation.  Here’s what I  do in that situation.

The first thing you need to do is identify these people. Sometimes called haters, they can be hard to recognize.  They’ll  pose as a work buddy, A friendly neighbor, associate at school, or any number of people who are in close proximity to you.   They live by the old adage, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. They’re OK with you being promoted or rising to a certain level, as long as you’re still under them. That’s when the fear sets in and you see their true colors.

Little comments, snide remark, and off-color jokes are often how it starts. You’ll be thinking to yourself “what in the world would make them say that”.  But deep down you know what it is. They are jealous of your success and they are trying to knock you off your square.

Once properly identify, you can use the hater exactly as they are designed.  Their hatred towards you and all of their actions that follow, will all ultimately yield to God’s power, grace, mercy and love.

No weapon formed against you shall prosper.  Through their hate and negativity, God will get the glory as you shine through victorious.

Don’t get it twisted, this is going to take work.  You need to learn to ignore the hate.  Sounds a lot easier than it is done, but it is possible. Successful people do it all day long.

Just because they don’t agree doesn’t mean you have to stop living your dream. If you are in God’s will and you are doing it with passion.  Everybody’s not going to like you, everybody’s not going to believe in you. Because you’re living out your dream, you’re probably going to make more people mad than will agree with You.

So what if somebody says, they don’t have time to come to your meeting, they can’t take a look at your idea or look at your website, they don’t believe in you, they think you’re stupid, they think they’re better than you or anything like that. You need to let it go and move on.

Stay humble and stay blessed. Keep working keep grinding.

The first step to being your own “boss in the middle”, is submitting to God’s will.  Otherwise, all is lost. You may as well take the easy road, conform to this world, and live out your days for your own personal pleasure.

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