The Leader’s Spouse.

IMG_0469For some reason, I had a dream about an old girlfriend. It was actually the girl I was dating, before I dated my wife.  This led to some great revelations.

The dream involved me traveling somewhere and seeing this woman at a party.  We spoke and she introduced me to her boyfriend. Everything was very cordial, as I haven’t seen her in about 14 years.  We shook hands and he was very interested in showing me his car.  He was very proud of this car and I remember thinking, “OK, well it was nice meeting you”.  Then I bounced.

By bounced I mean, I woke up.

I thought about the dream.  It made me think about every girlfriend I ever had.  I realized that I shouldn’t have dated any of them. I cheated on every one of them. I wasn’t a good person back then I’m not proud of it.

Then I thought how my life changed. I stopped drinking and gave my life over to God.  I met my wife around that time.  She’s the only woman I never cheated on. In fact, we were friends for over a year before we went on an official date.  Once we kissed, that was it…

Today, I realized (again) that she’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I definitely would not be where I am today if she wasn’t with me. I’ve developed into a pretty decent person with some leadership skills. I completed college, moved up through the ranks in my company and she’s been there for the whole ride.   We’ve got four beautiful children and she’s the best mom I ever saw, ever.

My point for today.  If you have a spouse that’s supportive of you, that is a blessing from God. My wife encourages me, gives me strength, shows patience, calls me out on my inconsistencies, feeds me, takes care of the kids and gives me good lovin’ regularly.  That’s not an easy job because, I can have pretty high expectations.  You can read about that here .

I can’t imagine anybody’s wife being better than mine.  I didn’t even mention that she’s beautiful, which is like icing on the cake!

Of course, we have issues from time to time. We have to revisit our premarital training on communication from time to time. I have to think about the role of a godly husband. You know, normal married stuff.  We work through all of our issues.  Most times, it becomes a game of picking our battles and acceptance. 😊  It’s all good.

4 Final Thoughts on this;

I’m very blessed as a leader to have her by my side.

If you’ve got a spouse, try to see the good in what they do everyday to support you.  If you really think about it, it’ll probably blow your mind.

If you don’t have a spouse, you should be sure to choose someone that adds something to your life.

Again, I’m truly blessed.