How will you remember today, tomorrow?

IMG_0467I had a crazy dream last night, that led to some truths about my reality today.  Continue reading to see what I learned.

The dream specifically was about a wrestling team from another town coming into our school and beating us really bad. They not only beat us, they embarrassed us. They walked out of the gym talking trash and making fun of us. They dared us to try and stop them. None of us stepped up. Now, this never actually happened , So I have no idea where these thoughts came from.

As I woke up, my mind was on the past and I began reliving some situations in my life where I acted a certain way. You see, I was a different person in my early 20s and then I am today in my early 40s. I was a drinker, which led to some fighting. Nobody that I associate with today knows that side of me, for which I’m grateful.

As I begin my morning prayer, I still had these thoughts in my mind. It led me into a time of thanks for who I am today and what I’ve been through that helped make me who I am today.

As a leader, I cannot dwell on the past, good or bad. Because there were a lot of times where I acted great in a situation and it turned out good.  Conversely, there are some situations where I acted very poorly and it turned out very badly. Of course I wish I could take those times back, but I can’t. As a leader, I must realize that the best thing I can do is to learn from those mistakes and make good decisions today.

Wishing to relive the past, good or bad, really is a waste of time.  A good result in the past only lasted for that situation or moment.  The same goes for negative events in our past.  We don’t have a time machine, so we really have no choice but to accept the past for what it is.

What we should do is consciously make an effort to learn from the past.  Add in daily prayer and meditation to ensure your will aligns with God’s will and you will become a more effective leader.  In this way you will create a present that, when looked back on tomorrow, satisfies your heart.