Leadership health tips. Taking care of our brains.

IMG_0465My wife unknowingly helped me realize something the other day.  I have been suffering from headaches, which directly affect my ability to influence and be effective on any level.  Normally when this happens I say it’s because of a lack of sleep or I ate a sugary snack (usually ice cream) right before bed.  I then pound Motrin until the headache is gone, which can take a whole day sometimes.  My wife asked me a very simple question that was so basic, I was ashamed and grateful at the same time.  Ashamed that I didn’t think of it, but grateful that she did.  Continue reading to see her question.

My wife pays attention to me, probably more than I realize.  In the hustle and bustle of the house, it seems that her attention is focused on one of our four children.  They have more immediate needs than I do and at times I need to hold on while she takes care of a bleeding, crying or hungry child.  In the midst of everything she does, she still pays attention to me.

So when I told her I have been suffering headaches, she wisely asked, “have you been drinking water?”  The question took me by surprise.  It seemed totally out of the blue. I thought to myself “she doesn’t know if I’ve been drinking water.”  Then she says, “I haven’t seen you drink water in a while.”

When I thought about it, I couldn’t remember the last time I drank a substantial amount of water over the course of 24 hours.  I immediately started drinking more water.

It’s only been two days but I can tell you that;

  1. I have been peeing a lot.
  2. My headaches are gone.
  3. I am more clear headed.

I don’t have a specific amount that I am going to drink per day, although I’ve heard half your body weight in ounces is pretty good.

I’m not going to try and drink a specific type, although I’ve heard spring water is better than tap and mineral water.  I personally like the way purified water tastes.

What I am going to do is drink water more often.  Instead of ordering Arnold Palmers, I am going to stick with water.  Instead of sweet tea, I’m going to go with nature’s blood.

I think everyone should be doing this.

Especially all of you bosses in the middle.  I think by doing this, it will help us stay balanced and focused throughout the day.  If we take care of our body it’s one less thing to worry about as we’re tackling large issues throughout the day.

I’ll keep you all posted.