Mom’s are truly amazing leaders. Happy Mother’s Day!

IMG_3087To all the Mother’s of the world who follow Boss In The Middle, Happy Mother’s Day!  As a blog dedicated to leadership, we would be remiss to let today go by without acknowledging the leadership contribution of Mother’s.

We’ve all heard lessons in our life that begin with the words, “your mom taught you this or that when you were young.” Or the phrase, “didn’t your mother ever teach you …”

Good Mom’s are without a doubt some of the most influential people we will ever know.  They are the glue that holds most families together and have a keen sense of leadership that is born out of trial and error.  Without them, most homes and families would crumble under the weight of life.

Thank you to all of the good Mom’s out there, holding up the family and making sense out of the everyday chaos.  We love you!