Attitude is an on purpose thing. Boss in the middle prayer challenge. Days 12 & 13.

IMG_0463I prayed yesterday morning and went through my day.  It was pretty uneventful, until right before bed.  My best friend told me that in general, I am a negative and angry person who has high expectations of others.  I am subject to mood swings and nothing anyone does is ever good enough for me.  I also complain about everything, everyday.  Read on to see what happened after that.

I stopped and took a look at what was being said.  As a leader, you have to have the ability to hear feedback and honestly analyze it, or you won’t grow.

This is a particularly tough pill to swallow because I obviously don’t want to be seen that way, especially by people close to me.  I know that everyone doesn’t see me that way, but everyone doesn’t know me like my best friend.  I’ve been told by some that I don’t smile a lot, but I’m not mad, I just don’t feel like smiling all the time.  That puts people off…

I guess what I’m trying to say is, there is probably some truth to what my best friend was saying and in my prayer time this morning I realized that attitude is an on purpose thing. 

I do tend to focus on things that are wrong and how to solve problems and issues.  In my mind, I operate at a very high level in regards to making things right.  Cleaning up, organizing things and keeping people on task.  It’s what has made me successful in my career, but translates differently at home.  I have a touch of OCD, (yes, diagnosed by a Dr.) but he said it’s not bad enough to warrant medication.  Some would disagree with that last statement…

I am going to lean on God and ask him to allow me to focus more on the positive and good things in my life.  I am happy and it’s time to start appreciating others and pointing out the positive more often.

My attitude is an on purpose thing.  I need to take care of it, because I am always giving off positive or negative energy.  As a leader, I need to remember that my mood sets the tone.  People are always watching me.

It would be awesome to inject light and positivity into every room I enter.  I want people to be glad I’m coming.  I want to bring spirits up, not down.



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