Anger & Effort. Boss in the middle. Day 11 prayer challenge.

IMG_0461So today, I woke up and prayed.  I will be honest and tell you that I did it in bed again  and I don’t remember getting a specific word from God.  Maybe He didn’t want to talk to me this morning?  Maybe I should work on getting out of bed and getting in my “war room”?  I did however, decide to focus on two things.  Anger & Effort.

As leaders we need to be aware of our anger.  It’s fine to get angry, but if we allow emotions to overtake us, we may say or do something we regret.  It’s in times of dire stress or fatigue, that small irritations can become giant issues.  It’s up to us to take care of our mind, body and soul, so we can properly process what’s going on around us.  Talking to God, reading His word and knowing who we are as leaders, can help reduce anger in critical situations.  Remember, someone is always watching you.

Anger also manifests itself in different ways.  So be cautious about justifying an action or decision born in a stressful and fatigued state.  I am keeping that in my mind today.

Regarding effort – I asked my oldest daughter to try her very best today and told her I would do the same.  So far I am keeping my end of the bargain.  I wonder how she’s doing?

When I said very best, I meant exactly that.  I want her to pour herself and her entire being into whatever she is doing.  I want her to have laser focus.  I want her to keep going.

She said, “okay.”  It’ll be interesting to see how her day was and how mine will end up.