Pay attention to God’s little messages. Boss in the middle. – Day 9 prayer challenge.

IMG_0453So this morning, I am traveling back home.  I was in my hotel room, praying on the bed when I fell back asleep for a few minutes.  I did pray, but I only got about 6 minutes of praying done.  Surprisingly, God still gave me a message.

During your time of morning prayer and meditation, get out of bed…

I need to come up with a travel routine, as my travel takes me to many different cities across the U.S. I need to set up a place in the room and prepare it the night before.  I need to have quality time with God, not just quantity time.  I’m beginning to think the quality of the prayer and meditation time is more important than the time element.

I will focus more on this moving forward.  I think I wanted to place the 10 minute time period for the first 14 days so there would be a standard.  I didn’t want to just pray for a minute and say, “I did it today”.

My prayer time isn’t checking a box.  It’s what feeds my spiritual relationship with God.  My thoughts on prayer are changing a bit.

That’s all I have for today.  I’ll check back in tonight if anything happens today.  But at the very least, tomorrow morning I will be back in my normal environment.  I plan on having an excellent prayer time.

Have a great day!