Sin is sin. Boss in the middle, prayer challenge day 6.

IMG_0444Day 6 brings somewhat of a surprise revelation about sin.  I didn’t expect this…

As I prayed this morning, the Lord gave me a very vivid vision about sin.  Basically, to him, sin is sin.  He doesn’t separate them into “bad sins and worse sins”.  That’s a human thing to justify our actions.  I’m not as bad as she is because I’m not blah, blah, blah.  There are no “ok” sins.  To God, they are all a distraction from your beauty.

God looks at our lives as shiny gold bricks.  Stick with me for a moment, because that’s the exact image God gave me.  You’ll see where this goes.

Our righteous decisions and temperate are stacked next to each other in the form of gold bricks and molded together as they are tested with the fire of temptation.  Consecutive good decisions become stronger as they are matched with other good life choices.  As we continue to make good decisions, more gold bricks are laid as a foundation and we begin to build a solid wall that protects us against sin and the destructive forces of this world.  We become very strong, spiritually.

At times, the temptational fire of this world (or within our own flesh) can melt holes in the wall, leaving spaces and cracks. Cracks and holes form due to a spotty connection with God.  God views sin as a weed that gets in the ground, takes root and grows throughout our life.  It finds every crack in the wall of our life and infiltrates it.  It doesn’t take many weeds to destroy the beauty of the wall.  If left unchecked, the beautiful wall can become totally covered with weeds.  The wall is still beautiful, but God can’t see it or show it off, because of the infestation growing in it, around it and through it.

That’s what sin does to our lives.  Do I sin, yes.  At times, I take my will back.  I need to evaluate my deeds and immediately pray for forgiveness when I sin.  Praying for forgiveness and asking Jesus to cover us with the blood of His sacrifice, destroys the power of sin and refreshes us.  Yes, Jesus’s blood cleans up the sin in our life.  It’s like weed killer.

One more thing.  Once the wall is clean, God doesn’t care that it was dirty.  It’s clean now.  No need to feel guilt and shame once God forgives you.  In fact, you should be telling others how to clean their wall.

I hope this makes sense, it’s what God gave me, so I truly believe that someone will read this and be blessed.  I’ll write again tonight.  Have a great day!