Prevent future failures by recognizing patterns. Boss in the middle day 5 prayer challenge. Wrap up.

IMG_0442This is the wrap up for day 5 of my prayer challenge.  I experienced another empowering day.  I was very focused on my tasks.  I was able to leave my daughter alone about her reading program.  (See article here)  One thing to note is that, while I am thankful to have had the sort of week I’ve had, I am hoping tomorrow morning I don’t forget to do this.  I don’t have to go to the office on Saturday’s and I tend to be very laid back on the weekends.  Weekends are usually when I stop working out, dieting and I begin losing overall focus on things, especially bad habits I’m trying to change.  That’s a bad pattern I must deal with, if I want to continue having good results.  Here’s my plan.

As a leader, I have been in the practice of noticing patterns, especially within myself, for quite some time.  Now that I am recognizing this pattern, I have a chance to fix the issue.  I need to set my mind on the task and just do it.  Plain and simple.  No fancy words or extended philosophical mumbo-jumbo.  I just have to get up and do it.  Period.

We’ll see.

2 more thoughts before I sign off tonight.

  1. No one else has joined the prayer challenge.  Either everybody prays way more than I do and 10 minutes of solitude with the Lord is nothing or the idea of the prayer challenge isn’t enticing.  Which leads to my second point.
  2. I will most likely extend the prayer challenge. – There are two reasons for this; One, I like the results I’m getting and two, I really want others to join in.

That’s it.  I’ll check in again tomorrow.  And please think about joining me.

Leave a comment and let me know you’re on board!  Come back and share your experience.