Boss in the middle. Prayer challenge day 4. Thankful, grateful, hopeful and polite.

IMG_0436This morning I got done praying and only 5 minutes had passed, so I meditated for the last 5.  I didn’t expect this, but it was hard to get to 10 minutes today.  Not sure why.  Maybe I was eager to share what God told me during the prayer.  I was able to expand on those thoughts in the meditation.  Read on for God’s “thought of the day” for me.  At least this is what I heard.

Be thankful, grateful, hopeful and polite.

Thankful – I need to remember to thank God, as opposed to just asking for things.

Grateful – I need to remember that I am blessed.  I need to remember that if God had not intervened when He did, I could be dead right now.  I won’t dwell on a war story.  Let’s just say, I had some vices in my life that almost killed me about 14 years ago.  It’s the main reason I am who I am today.

Hopeful – In my prayers, I need to have a hopeful victorious attitude, not one that is asking for things and talking to God in a timid way.  God created the universe, surely he can protect my family, give me a good leadership temperament, etc…

Polite – This is something I have been working on.  I need to remain courteous and polite with everyone I encounter.  I think for the most part I am, but I certainly have room for improvement.  My kids tell me this at times when we are out.  I need to pay more atttention to people.

That’s where I’m at.  I’ll post a wrap-up again tonight.  Thanks for reading!